We are Rizz Kitties.

Social Engineerers, OSINT Lovers, Hackers, and Purrveyors of Telephonic Chaos

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Rizz Kitties are troublemaking telephonic terrors consisting of Edna (@ednas), Ean (@eanmeyer, @eandustrial), and Dylan (@31337Magician). Rizz Kitties are based out of Orlando, FL which means we bring the full Florida experience to our Social Engineering antics. Nothing but humidity induced insanity wrapped in the faux veneer of upstanding security professionals. We are purrfecting our social engineering game to claw our way to the top of the Social Engineering Community Vishing Competition at DEF CON 32 in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is in the middle of a desert. Deserts are made of sand. Rizz Kitties will bury the competition in the litterbox playground that is Las Vegas! We are ready to vish right meow! See you in Vegas!

Our Skills

Social Engineeering


Clawing Couches

Litter Boxes Wrecked
Grams of Catnip Consumed
Google Dorking Methods
Ways to Find Hidden Things

Our Targets


Tommy Pretext. CEO at Dorky Doggos.

I thought my team at Dorky Doggos was ready to handle any social engineering attack that came at them. They spent a full fifteen minutes each year on security awareness training. The Rizz Kitties got themselves invited to our admin assistants son's wedding within ten minutes of their first call.


Rebecca Target. CEO at REDACTED.

The Rizz Kitties came in and clawed through every policy and control we have. We are now littered with findings to resolve for our audit committee. We have a big ball of yarn to untangle based on what they taught us. Don't nap on having the Rizz Kitties pounce on your controls. If you think your ready meow, you aren't, but you'll love the purfect advice they give.

Rizz Kitties Merch


You can help a Rizz Kitty get to DEF CON buy buying some sweet Rizz Kitties merch! We have our Official Meowwear, DEF CON 32 themed, and of course our IT'S VISHING TIME series including clocks!

Each sale will help keep the Rizz Kitties in the most premo catnip and luxury cat box litter all DEF CON long!

Pick it up at - https://eanmeyer.redbubble.com

Support the Rizz Kitties

So, your more of a cool cat that either doesn't need merch or wants something a little more direct and personal. Rizz Kitties got you covered... or you have us covered. Whatever.

You can support the rizzkitties by purchasing "Rizz Kitty Snacks" through BuyMeCoffee.com. You can also get a custom Rizz Kitties Kandy bracelet made by a Edna themself!

DEF CON is expensive, yo. You can support the Rizz Kittens trip to the worlds litter box at https://www.buymeacoffee.com/rizzkitties

Contact Us Right Meow

Orlando, FL. USA

Email: meow@rizzkitties.fun